How to find H1B employers?

For students studying in the United States, graduation means not only harvest and joy, but also choice. The inevitable question for international students who choose to stay in the United States is how to find a job that supports H1B visa applications. Since h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) requires professionalism and starting salary, international students should be more targeted in job-hunting direction. Only by doing necessary research and mastering certain job-hunting skills, can one get twice the result with half the effort.

Not all employers support H1B applicants for a variety of reasons. Some technology-sensitive positions at the state key laboratories of defence suppliers are closed to foreigners. So it’s important to have some knowledge of the employer’s history before applying. Is there any way to know which employers have offered H1B applications in the past? The answer is yes. Employers are required to submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) to provide H1B applications to employees. Some websites count and make public the number of LCA applications received by the U.S. department of Labor. Job seekers can use such sites to gather the information they need to make a decision.

For other companies, employers who once provided H1B applications are more likely to continue to hire international talents. They used to hire international talents, which means that they think hiring international talents will bring them greater economic benefits after comprehensive consideration. Therefore, job seekers can screen out employers that are more likely to need international talents according to their cities, majors and industries. The success rate will be higher. When applying for h1b, the process of preparing materials and so on is quite troublesome. If your time and energy are not enough, you can entrust h1b law firm (also known as h1b律所), such as GOH1B, Zeng Law Group (also known as 锦晖律师事务所) , Ying Cao law Firm (also known as 英卓律师事务所), NYIS Law Firm (also known as 纽约小纽) and so on, which are all optional. Immigration lawyers (also known as 移民律师) will give you professional advice and help.

Of course, there are companies that have not previously offered h1b visas for employees. But it not means that they are not likely to offer you an h1b visa. These companies may just not know how to apply for h1b visa and think it will be troublesome. In this case, you need to explain to the employer that h1b visa application does not require them to do too much and will not cause too much trouble.

Post Author: Earl Ida