Steroid crosstalk A type of endocrine growth factor in the body

Muscle growth is a crucial one on body and it is directly related to the protein synthesis in specific tissues. The natural protein synthesis takes place in every human body is what responsible for the muscle tissue growth. The artificial way of protein synthesis through supplement, can increase muscle gain but it has a serious effect on the body. Bodybuilding has changed the scenario of the natural growth of body; the muscle gain in short duration is what everyone is attracted.

Effect of steroid on body: 

Steroid effect is definitely brings bad to your health when you consume them for long time.  The effect of steroids is seen in an outer body in form of muscle gain or strength but from inside it works as a silent killer. The size of inside organs of the body starts enlarging with intake of steroid that is something which a body is unable to balance. The natural hormone clashes with synthesize steroid affect and results in a type of endocrine growth factor.

 A naturally produced protein is synthesized in the body according to the need for the body growth. Testosterone hormone in the male body is produced by male a tentacle that is mainly responsible for muscle gain and sex power. In women, the production of testosterone is carried by ovaries which very less in quantity.

The function of testosterone in human body is mainly for all these factors

  • Increasing muscle size and strength
  • Providing bulk to bone mass
  • Balances the proper body weight
  • Growth of body hair in the body parts

Real fact about testosterone:

In male body, high testosterone is directly related to the fitness of the body which results in more strength and muscle gain. Low testosterone can be seen through the problems faced by a male person resulting in hair loss, depression, male boobs, physical weakness and decrease in body fat and much more same sort of symptoms.

Bodybuilders increase their testosterone level:

To increase the testosterone level in human body market is filled with many artificial means, which ensures to provide body gain in the quick amount of time. Anabolic steroid is the most common supplement being taken by many professional bodybuilders to increase their growth level in the body. These steroids undoubtedly hamper the natural body growth and work on a type of endocrine growth factor. There are several ways through which we can reduce the effect of steroid and increase the level of testosterone in the body. The several ways are

  • Take proper amount of sleep according to the age and gender of a person
  • Stay stress-free to avoid blocking of testosterone
  • Eat healthy diet, stay away from junk food
  • Avoid excess of smoking and drinking habit

A person can maintain a decent body growth by following natural ways of yoga, exercising and healthy diet. But if you aspire to reach next level in the body potential after your work out regularly so you can take steroids under the medical supervision only.

Post Author: Earl Ida