What You Need To Know About Coolglide Laser For Hair Removal!

Waxing and shaving your arms and legs can be messy. Since the treatments have improved, it is possible to minimize hair growth permanently. While there are quite a few options, CoolGlide Laser is preferred by many. If you are interested in hair removal with CoolGlide, here are some of the things you need to know.

How does the procedure work?

CoolGlide is a form of laser hair removal, which is absolutely safe and easy to complete. The first step is to clean the skin, after which experts will check the skin to ensure the optimum results. Following this, a numbing agent might be used for the first session, and once that has been done, the area will be iced effectively. This helps in cooling the skin, after which a gel is applied on the surface of the skin. CoolGlide laser is then used on the area to be treated. The laser passes through the skin and is eventually absorbed by the hair follicles. The area will be iced again, after which a SPF and cream is used.

Getting results

CoolGlide has been approved for all skin types, and the procedure doesn’t hurt at all. You may feel a sense of stinging on the skin, but that should subside in a day or two. There is no need for any medication or anesthetic agent. In most cases, a topical anesthetic product might be used, and your therapist will discuss this in advance before starting the treatment. Typically, most people need around six to ten sessions for a given area to see long term results, but this can be dependent on many factors, including the cycle of hair growth and the area being treated. Since CoolGlide works by reducing growth of hair by working in the “active growth” phase, more sessions will be required.

Right after the treatment, the skin may have some swelling and redness, which will subside soon. The hair follicles will grow back in seven days, but you will see visible results after a few treatments. Between the sessions, waxing the area is not allowed, although one can choose to shave. Please talk to a good spa and wellness clinic before you choose to go for CoolGlide treatment. Check the kind of experience they offer, find more about the costs, and do check all the relevant aspects. If required, do seek a few client references to know their work.

Post Author: Earl Ida